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Hand-Hewn Corporate Branding

The right brand identity is a launchpad for future marketing and customer engagement. Make your investment worth it. In this step-by-step example, we’ll take you from messy napkin sketch to finished product.
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Design Portfolio

It’s what you are here for. Browse through examples to see the depth of experience in producing materials for print, web, video, corporate identity, digital presentation, trade shows and your next great product idea.
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Web and Application Development

We build web destinations hooked into the very thing that makes your business successful. Reach more people, sell faster, network better – every web applications go through a 30 point assessment prior to launch.
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Promotional Campaigns

Generating interest is the classic 80/20 rule: 80 percent preparation and 20 percent inspiration. Our marketing strategy methods produce the greatest return on investment through targeted messaging and accurate measurement.
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No pretense, just loads of experience.

Darren Leet Inc. is honored to work with clients over a diverse range of industries. How diverse? Try real estate, industrial, software, food service, retail, hospitality, professional services, medical and many which cover more than one.

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