Darren Leet Incorporated design services

Design is a catalyst.

Good-looking material is not the end-all of business marketing efforts. But design does have alchemic properties when combined with the right message.

  • Good graphic design makes a message memorable and efficient.
  • Excellent product design turns an object into an experience.
  • Intelligent interactive design gets better results.

Darren Leet Incorporated has a passion for reaching these goals over and over again.

Things we can design very well.

  • Logos
  • Corporate identity pieces
  • Print ads
  • Brochures
  • Product packaging
  • Product labels
  • 3D direct marketing pieces
  • Folders, postcard mailers, etc.
Online and Interactive
  • Web sites
  • Mobile applications
  • Flash interactive movies
  • Shockwave movies
  • Animated banner ads
  • Interactive direct marketing CD's
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • P.O.S. displays
  • Tradeshow booth structures
  • Tradeshow signage
  • Environmental signage
  • Unique 3D marketing pieces
  • Silkscreen and garment art

Things we can't design very well.

Skyscrapers; wedding dresses; airplanes; bio-engineered amoebas; a good football defense strategy; and proper English gardens.

Please contact us to discuss any of the above items that we design well.

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